Labour Shortage: We Offer You Solutions

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In Quebec, in the current economic context, it is becoming difficult for an employer to recruit and even retain competent employees. Not only is the hiring process is getting more complex and longer, but clients' demands in terms of quality and service are increasing. To stand out, why not enhance the structure and efficiency of your warehouse, workstations or workshop? This will improve your productivity and help you overcome labour challenges. To help you, we offer proven solutions.

Tire Carousel: 5 Benefits for a Car Repair Garage

Par MSK Canada dans Handling and ergonomic lifting

In order to store as much different merchandise as possible and optimize their space, a car repair garage needs to have a suitable storage solution. A vertical tire carousel is one of the essential accessories. Here are 5 benefits of having one in a car repair garage.

Vertical Storage Carousel: Which to Choose?

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Here's 3 examples of vertical carousel available according to your type of products and the storage you need.




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