Labour Shortage: We Offer You Solutions

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In Quebec, in the current economic context, it is becoming difficult for an employer to recruit and even retain competent employees. Not only is the hiring process is getting more complex and longer, but clients' demands in terms of quality and service are increasing. To stand out, why not enhance the structure and efficiency of your warehouse, workstations or workshop? This will improve your productivity and help you overcome labour challenges. To help you, we offer proven solutions.

Warehouse Racking Inspection: Why Is It Recommended?

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The warehouse racking inspection is a way to ensure that your employees are moving safely around your storage facilities. Indeed, it is essential to keep this workplace in perfect working order at all times. The best way to ensure the maintenance of your racking is to inspect it at regular intervals.

Flow Rail vs Drive In : 4 reasons to choose the Flow Rail for your warehouse

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The Flow-Rail is a high-density storage system that can be used with regular forklift trucks. 

Modular Cabinets: 4 Important Requirements to Check Before Purchase

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Have you recently heard about modular cabinets as an optimal storage space for your warehouse or workshop? A modular cabinet is, by definition, an independent storage unit used to accommodate several types of objects that you’re looking to store and even organize. To fulfill its functions properly, it must have certain specific characteristics that should be checked before your purchase.

Dynamic Warehouse Racking: All the Benefits

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To optimize the densification of your storage, dynamic warehouse racking is the solution that allows for immediate product availability. Discover the definition as well as the many advantages of one of the most efficient storage systems of the moment.




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