The EFFIMAT ClassicMat is a simple and easy-to-use VLM that will optimize up to 85% of your floor space. Made in Denmark, it offers large, high-capacity drawers and can be customized to your needs.

  • Customizable according to customer needs
  • Available up to 20 m in height
  • Large size and high-capacity drawers
  • Simple and intuitive software

Ideal for:

  • Easy to use, without ERP/WMS integration
  • Optimizing space and ergonomics
  • Similar size products

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What are the advantages of EFFIMAT ClassicMat VLM?

The EFFIMAT ClassicMat VLM has several unique features in the industry. Here is an overview:

Up to 65’ (20 m) in height

The EFFIMAT ClassicMat VLM maximizes the vertical space of very tall buildings. Indeed, it can be configured up to a height of 65' (20 m) which makes it one of the highest VLM available on the market.

Ease of use

If ease of operation is essential and integration with your warehouse manager system is not required, the ClassicMat VLM from EFFIMAT is one of the best choices for its ease of operation. Operators of all calibres will be able to operate its software and its mechanical, electrical and electronic components are easy to maintain.

Large size and capacity drawers

The EFFIMAT ClassicMat VLM is used to store heavy and large parts. Indeed, its drawers offer a capacity of up to 1102 lbs and a width of up to 157.48”, which makes the ClassicMat one of the leaders in capacity on the market.

Custom configuration

Every building is different and every situation is unique. The manufacturer EFFIMAT has understood this well. To adapt to almost all situations, the Danish manufacturer offers to customize the ClassicMat according to the needs of its customers, whether in terms of dimensions or specifications.

Why choose EFFIMAT ClassicMat VLM?

The ClassicMat VLM from EFFIMAT is easy to use and maintain, robust and offers an advantageous storage capacity. If your products are mainly of standard dimensions and you prefer simple technology, without integration with your existing information systems (ERP, WMS), the EFFIMAT ClassicMat is the machine best suited to your needs. Our team of specialists in storage automation can recommend the best configuration following an audit of your products, your processes and your space. Contact us to start the conversation!