Damotech pallet rack protection

Damotech pallet rack protectors are designed to prevent damage to pallet rack systems of all kinds, whether new or existing. In addition to increasing employee safety, installing Damotech pallet rack protection can prevent significant expenses for pallet rack component replacements and unproductive downtime.

Key features : 
  • Reducing pallet rack maintenance costs
  • Can be installed on all pallet rack models
  • Quick and easy bolted installation
  • Durable electrostatic paint


Ideal for : 

  • Uprights of pallet racks
  • Aisle ends
  • Warehouse columns 
  • Circulation areas, infrastructures

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Why Protect Your Pallet Racks?

Protecting your systems with Damotech pallet rack protectors allows you to proactively minimize your damages. While impacts will inevitably occur, the force transmitted into the rack column will be greatly reduced with a post protector. Installing Damotech pallet rack protectors shields the most vulnerable parts of the racking, increasing safety and decreasing maintenance costs over time.


When to Install Damotech Pallet Rack Protectors?

The various Damotech pallet rack protection systems are suitable for both new installations and existing systems. Whether it's to protect your new investment or to put an end to the costly cycle of component replacement, Damotech pallet rack protectors offer permanent solutions.

What Other Elements Should Be Protected?

In addition to pallet rack protection, it is also recommended to consider protection for warehouse columns and installing protection around circulation areas and infrastructures. The wide range of Damotech protectors helps avoid exorbitant repair or replacement costs. The MSK Canada team can assist you in identifying the elements to protect in your existing projects or new installations.