Damotech pallet rack repair

Damotech offers a diverse range of products for pallet rack repair. From uprights to repair accessories, Damotech provides a comprehensive solution to refurbish your pallet racks. By choosing pallet rack repair, you can avoid the high costs associated with complete replacement of pallet rack components.

Key features : 
  • Less time wasted
  • Custom made
  • Permanent solution
  • Lower costs
  • Lifetime warranty


Ideal for : 

  • Pallet rack uprights
  • Aisle ends
  • Warehouse columns
  • Circulation areas
  • Infrastructures

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Why Repair Your Pallet Racks?

In the event of damage to an upright, you can choose between repairing it at the damaged spot or replacing the entire upright of the rack. Opting for pallet rack repair is actually simpler and more cost-effective. Damotech's pallet rack repair solutions are customized and compatible with all types of racks, regardless of their original brand. These products preserve the rack's initial configuration, maintain its load capacity, and protect against future damage.

Pallet Rack Repair vs Replacement?

Damotech's pallet rack repair solutions are custom-made for your existing rack and maintain its original load capacity. It also protects your column against future damage. Damotech pallet rack repair reduces lead times for delivery and installation compared to replacement methods. Pallet rack repair requires minimal unloading compared to replacement. The costs associated with pallet rack repair are lower than those of complete replacement. Finally, Damotech's pallet rack repair reduces the amount of steel waste sent to scrap.

Custom Pallet Rack Repair Solution

Damotech's pallet rack repair solutions are designed to meet the original specifications of your pallet rack system. They restore their original load capacity while safely and permanently extending their durability. Damotech's pallet rack protectors are tailored to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, finish (paint, galvanization), and rack configuration. Their specialists will visit your site, take the necessary measurements, and recommend the appropriate product for each type of damage observed.