The SILO² VLM from ICAM is a highly sophisticated multi-column vertical lift module and the most popular model from this international manufacturer. It has unique technological characteristics, offers great operating flexibility and the possibility of having a multi-column configuration.

  • Modular, built and configured for each application
  • Industry-leading IRIDE software
  • Easy integration with existing management software
  • Multi-column configuration

Ideal for:

  • Products with large variety of dimensions/counts
  • Optimization of internal processes
  • Unique applications
  • Advanced performance statistics


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The unique multi-column VLM

A feature unique to the ICAM SILO² VLM, the multi-column configuration makes it possible to add additional columns and increase storage capacity with only one vertical-lift system, which greatly reduces costs. This also allows for up to 8 access openings to increase productivity.


What are the advantages of the ICAM SILO² VLM?

The ICAM SILO² VLM has several features unique in the industry. Here is an overview:

Modular design that adapts to any environment.

The ICAM SILO² VLM can be extended both vertically and horizontally, which maximizes storage capacity in environments with complex layouts. For example:

  • Complex layout (corner, “U” shape)
  • Building with low roofs
  • Installation on multiple floors
  • Partially below ground installation
  • Integration with building columns

Installation outside the building



IRIDE software: for inventory accuracy and ease of use.

The IRIDE system is an interactive control system fully integrated into the vertical lift module. It is composed of:
  • Light picking guide: projects a light beam identifying the location of the part to be picked.


  • “Heads up” dashboard: projects information on the handling in progress directly onto the automatic door in front of the worker. Makes the picking or refilling process easier.


  • Adaptive interior lighting: signals hazardous situations with multicolored visual code.


  • Active control: allows you to interact with the "heads up" dashboard without having to change position, for example to modify the number of items to pick or store, confirm or cancel an operation.


Easy integration with existing management software

One of the great strengths of the ICAM SILO² VLM is its great flexibility of integration with the various existing ERPs and WMSs. The ICON management software is available in 4 different formulas, and easily integrates with Windows or other platforms (IBM, AS400, UNIX, Linux, etc.).

Why choose the ICAM SILO² VLM?

The ICAM SILO² VLM is one of the most efficient vertical lift modules thanks to the many possible configurations offered by its multi-column modular design. It will maximize your space and offer you the greatest storage capacity, regardless of your environment. The unique characteristics of its IRIDE system make the ICAM SILO² VLM one of the most user-friendly to operate. Finally, its great flexibility allows us to easily integrate it into any IT environments to allow you to maximize its capacity and your productivity. Want to know more? Click here to speak to one of our experts.