MSK Canada Unveils a Dynamic New Brand Image and Announces Relocation to Brossard Headquarters

Par Pierre-Olivier Benoit dans Company news

Brossard, November 1, 2023 - MSK Canada, an industry leader in industrial storage system design, is proud to announce a series of major changes that signify a new era of innovation and growth for the company.

3 Frequent Falling Hazards at More Than Two Metres From The Leading Edge

Par MSK Canada dans Fall Protection

You think you've eliminated the risk of falling on your roof? Just because they are centrally located doesn't mean that certain elements don't pose a risk. Here are three common falling hazard that could occur on your roof.

Why Choose a Freestanding Guardrail as Fall Protection Method ?

Par MSK Canada dans Fall Protection

When it comes to health and safety, the ultimate goal is always to eliminate risks at the source. However, when it comes to working at heights, it is sometimes impossible to change the working position to work from the ground. This is when the choice of fall protection is crucial. Here are some of the advantages of freestanding guardrails.




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