Labour Shortage: We Offer You Solutions

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In Quebec, in the current economic context, it is becoming difficult for an employer to recruit and even retain competent employees. Not only is the hiring process is getting more complex and longer, but clients' demands in terms of quality and service are increasing. To stand out, why not enhance the structure and efficiency of your warehouse, workstations or workshop? This will improve your productivity and help you overcome labour challenges. To help you, we offer proven solutions.

Warehouse Racking Inspection: Why Is It Recommended?

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The warehouse racking inspection is a way to ensure that your employees are moving safely around your storage facilities. Indeed, it is essential to keep this workplace in perfect working order at all times. The best way to ensure the maintenance of your racking is to inspect it at regular intervals.

What are the safety standards for access ladders?

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Did you know over 20% of falls in work accidents are from ladders or stepladders? The use of these materials is still the second cause of serious falls resulting in workplace disabilities and that is why access ladder standards must be respected. Before choosing a ladder or a stepladder to perform work at heights, read our article on the standards to be respected.

The 5 S Methodology in Your Service Area With Metalia.

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The 5 S methodology is a Japanese decades-old lean manufacturing technique that helps focus and thinking in order to be more efficient but also to eliminate wasted time and space.

Why Choose Steel Storage Racks?

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Do you need new racking? Find out why steel storage racks are the best solution on the market.




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