Flow Rail vs Drive In : 4 reasons to choose the Flow Rail for your warehouse

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The Flow-Rail is a high-density storage system that can be used with regular forklift trucks. 

Training in assembly, disassembly and inspection of pallet racking: for your peace of mind, take the lead.

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One of the most common practices to increase storage capacity is to use pallet racking. The installation and use of pallet racking is also one of the primary sources of workplace accidents.

Racking inspection: 4 steps that leads to savings!

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Training leads to savings! Here is a 4-step racking inspection strategy that leads to big maintenance cost saving.

Training on pallet rack inspection and understanding: better safe than sorry!

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From the set-up of your racking to its final use, 4 crucial steps must be carried out, such as operator training, annual inspection, equipment monitoring and maintenance.

Dynamic Warehouse Racking: All the Benefits

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To optimize the densification of your storage, dynamic warehouse racking is the solution that allows for immediate product availability. Discover the definition as well as the many advantages of one of the most efficient storage systems of the moment.