Labour Shortage: We Offer You Solutions

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In Quebec, in the current economic context, it is becoming difficult for an employer to recruit and even retain competent employees. Not only is the hiring process is getting more complex and longer, but clients' demands in terms of quality and service are increasing. To stand out, why not enhance the structure and efficiency of your warehouse, workstations or workshop? This will improve your productivity and help you overcome labour challenges. To help you, we offer proven solutions.

EXPOMAX 2020 SHOW: Were you among us?

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On January 15 and 16, Metalia workstations were a hit with auto shop owners at the EXPOMAX 2020 show. The participants greatly solicited MSK Canada's mechanical workshop layout specialists to learn more about the unique features of the toolboxes. Discover the features that captured the attention of visitors! 

The 5 S Methodology in Your Service Area With Metalia.

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The 5 S methodology is a Japanese decades-old lean manufacturing technique that helps focus and thinking in order to be more efficient but also to eliminate wasted time and space.

Introducing the New Generation of Metalia® Workstations

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Last September, we announced the latest generation of Metalia G5 workstations. This latest generation includes innovative benefits. Here are some of them




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