Our experience makes the difference. Our team is at your disposal at every stage of your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Let us analyze your operations and identify how to optimize your environment and productivity.

  • Warehousing
  • Optimization of parts stores
  • Service Department Optimization
  • Assessment of fall hazards


Our team of engineers and designers will be able to design a layout adapted to your situation.

  • Design of complete storage systems
  • Custom-made self-supporting mezanines
  • Ergonomic lifting systems
  • Mobile shelves


Our technicians are trained to ensure that your installations comply with current safety standards.

  • Turnkey projects (transport, handling)
  • Team governed by the CCQ available
  • Engineer Certification Offered
  • Payed by the hour or on a fee basis


For your new or existing shelving, our Inspection and Engineering department will provide you with a detailed report that will show you the corrections to be made to your storage system. In the report you will find load capacity by level, load capacity by amount, load layout to adopt and good usage practice. Think about it before replacing it!

  • Comprehensive Compliance Report
  • CNESST / CSA Capability Report
  • Compliance sticker
  • Repair, certification, annual maintenance


MSK Canada offers training that combines theory with practice to make your teams aware of the regulatory and security aspects of their work:

If you want to participate to these trainings or have more information, contact us!