Why Choose a Freestanding Guardrail as Fall Protection Method ?

When it comes to health and safety, the ultimate goal is always to eliminate risks at the source. However, when it comes to working at heights, it is sometimes impossible to change the working position to work from the ground. This is when the choice of fall protection is crucial. Here are some of the advantages of freestanding guardrails.


Freestanding guardrails: A collective Protection

No matter who is on your roof, whether they are trained in fall protection or not, whether they have AND wear their personal protective equipment or not, whether these accessories are inspected and certified or not, the freestanding guardrails protect everyone at all times. This is the important advantage of collective protection compared to individual protection, which relies on the goodwill of the workers. Freestanding guardrails therefore guarantee you unequalled peace of mind.


Freestanding guardrails: No Impact on the Integrity Of The building

Freestanding guardrails are placed directly on the roof surface. Therefore, no perforation of the membrane is required. No risk of water infiltration, no engineer's plan to consult. A quick installation that does not require the visit of several tradesmen.


Freestanding guardrails: No Annual Certification Fees

Unlike anchor points and lifelines, freestanding guardrails do not need to be inspected and certified every year, representing savings of several thousand dollars. Installing a freestanding guardrail system also eliminates the need to provide safety harnesses to your employees and to certify them annually. All of this represents savings in time, money and a considerable administrative burden that you no longer have to manage.



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