1500 linear feet of freestanding guardrails installed in the Northwest Territories.

A second major project in the Canadian North for MSK Canada. 

Initial Situation 

Last year, MSK Canada carried out a project in the Northwest Territories in collaboration with a local general contractor. This year, the same contractor called on the Canadian distributor to protect a second school in the region.


The Problem

Moose Kerr School was to install a fall protection solution on the roof of the building to protect subcontractors during HVAC unit maintenance. In addition, several drains are located on the school roof and require regular maintenance. The risk of falling from a height is very high since some of these units are located near the edge of the roof.


The Solution

To protect all areas at risk of falling from a height, 1548 linear feet of  freestanding guardrails are permanently installed on the roof of Moose Kerr School. The VSS Classic configuration was favoured in the project as it adapts particularly to the architecture of the building thanks to its great flexibility. The Delta Prevention product line is ideal for permanent use, particularly in the Northwest Territories, as its materials provide the ultimate resistance to the harsh climate of the region.

Final Situation 

Thanks to freestanding guardrails, Moose Kerr School in the Northwest Territories eliminates the risk of falling from a height on the roof of its building. Roof visitors and subcontractors are now protected at all times. 


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