A school in Fort McPherson trusts MSK Canada’s specialists

A school in Fort McPherson trusts MSK Canada’s specialists

After an inspection by The Health and Security Local Organization, the Chief Julius School, located at 1000 km north of Whitehorse, selects MSK Canada specialists to secure their roof.

Initial Situation

Established in 2015, the Chief Julius School does not meet local health and security standards. Indeed, the organization identified more than one risk of falling from the roof. Because of the very harsh climate and its isolated location, it is essential to protect every worker from falling. Furthermore, this building needs a permanent and lasting solution without affecting the building’s integrity.


To revise the situation, a local engineering firm is mandated to secure 1000 linear feet on different roof level. Due to its advantages, the non-penetrating guardrail system and roof fall protection distributed by MSK Canada has been selected.

The Solution

The guardrail system and roof fall protection VSS Classic are made of aluminum with high adhesion recycled rubber base. Aluminium is lighter and more resistant to rust and deterioration caused by rain, temperature changes and acidic environment than galvanized steel from competitors. Furthermore, the company offers the best warranty in the industry (10 years) and causes no damage to the roof because it is 100% freestanding.

Realized by TNO Construction, this fall protection allows complete security on the Chief Julius School’s entire roof. The roof is now equipped with a collective fall protection where harnesses and anchors are not needed.

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