Study Case: The Office Municipal d'Habitation complies with the CNESST's Regulation on occupational health and safety thanks to MSK Canada

During the restoration of its building, the OMH of Saint-Hyacinthe became aware of the importance of fall protection, since more than 18% of all work accidents in Quebec are caused by a fall. 

Initial situation 

The 137-unit seniors' apartment building has undergone a metamorphosis in order, first, to bring the building up to date, but also to bring it into line with today's standards for fall protection. One of MSK Canada's specializations is the turnkey formula for fall protection with collective, permanent and non-penetrating protection. 

The problem 

MSK Canada was contacted to create a configuration of safety equipment to make the roof of the OMH in Saint-Hyacinthe conform to the CNESST's RSST. First, several ventilation ducts are located on the first roof level. Although they are not positioned in the danger zone within 2 metres (6'6') of the edge, these devices still need a fall protection. In addition, the access ladder to the second roof level represents a second risk that had to be protected at the exit. 


The solution

 In order to delimit a visual perimeter of protection, more than 650 linear feet of VSS SafetyLine warning line have been installed. Delta Prevention's warning line is non-penetrating and can easily be combined with a guardrail or even converted to a guardrail if OMH wants to modify its installations at a later date. To secure the corner access ladder, MSK Canada's team of specialists used the access ladder protection kit designed specifically for this application. As these guardrails are the most versatile on the market, it was easy for the team to design a configuration that still complies with CNESST regulations. 


Final situation 

The team of specialists in the fall protection accompanied the OMH project manager from the initial consultation to the installation of the guardrails on the roof. MSK Canada's team ensures that your building complies with safety standards with post-installation follow-up and risk reporting. To bring your building up to CNESST standards, contact MSK Canada Customer Service.


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