Do you get the most out of your shelving? Discover how flow-rail maximizes your space and boosts your productivity. The flow-rail system is a rail in which a toothed chain is installed. When you pull the front palette, the chain causes the next palette to take that new position. As this system does not use gravity, it requires less vertical space, as no slope is required like traditional push-backs - so it is possible to align up to 10 pallets deep. In addition, converting a "drive-in" with flow-rail increases productivity because your forklift operators no longer have to drive inside the shelving. The risk of accidents and the wear of forklifts are thus reduced.
  • Horizontal tracks only 3.5''H (maximize vertical space)

  • Lanes up to 10 pallets deep (most push-backs 6 max)

  • System does not derail or block (everything moves together)

  • No contact or pressure in-between pallets (0 product damage)

  • Track length easy to modify (100% of material re-used)

  • Low maintenance / no parts to replace (very few components)

  • No special beams required (simply add Flow-Rail on existing racks)

  • Ok to double-stack pallets (can manage 3000#+ loads)

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