J1 Joey: The Most Versatile Task Support Vehicle on the Market

In this article, you have discovered how Bumper to Bumper has successfully optimized the organization of its huge 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse thanks to MSK Canada's industrial development specialists. It was with 19-foot high Metalware shelves that MSK was able to maximize the storage system of the new warehouse. However, these shelves are only accessible with the help of a forklift truck. But why equip yourself with a simple forklift truck when a task support vehicle offers you the possibility of owning a single vehicle for several applications?

The Benefits of a Task Support Vehicle

The J1 Joey by Blue Giant is a compact and multitasking vehicle distributed by MSK Canada across Canada. This is the product you've been waiting for to solve your storage space problems. Its great versatility for material handling, combined with its ease of use, makes it the most popular task support vehicle on the market. Among other things, the J1 Joey combines the characteristics of a forklift, a warehouse truck and a handling tractor.

Lifting Platform

No need to install a mezzanine to maximize the height of your building. This compact and high-performance vehicle has been designed to raise the driver's cab to 16 feet. This eliminates the time wasted going up and down stairs because, unlike humans' limited physical capacities, this vehicle never gets tired. There will therefore be no slowdown in your production. Also, the loss of time and money with city permits, architect's plans and any other formality for the construction of a mezzanine is avoided.

Warehouse Trolley

Moving items has never been easier. The J1 Joey allows you not only to move objects up, but also to pull them by installing them at the back of the J1 Joey. The multitask vehicle has a towing capacity of 2,500 lbs to significantly increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs. Whether operating in a warehouse, storage room, distribution centre or retail store, the J1 Joey will add unique value to your operations.

Handling Tractor

The task support vehicle optimizes your warehouse logistics. Indeed, it is easy to operate thanks to its ergonomic controls that are sensitive at the touch of a fingertip. These controls, including electronic power steering, lifting and lowering controls, a horn and a customizable speed control, are integrated into guardrails that secure the employee in the nacelle. The vehicle can carry a load of 800 lbs at its maximum height and can be driven at this height from one place to another while maintaining a constant travel speed.

In conclusion, the task support vehicle is an ergonomic solution that will increase your productivity while reducing your operating costs. No need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment, the J1 Joey can perform a wide range of material handling tasks. To meet one of our warehouse design specialists, contact us here!

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