A Safe and Efficient Storage Space for the Pavilion of Tunisia

Historic building dating from the Expo 67, today the Pavilion of Tunisia welcomes the offices and warehouses of Parc Jean-Drapeau. To improve their performances and to maximize their storage space, they called on the specialists in space optimization from MSK Canada.


Initial Situation

Over the years, the pavilion became a storage space for all kinds of products used all year round for multiple activities. The current storage wasn’t optimal and even dangerous in some areas. The experts from MSK Canada were able to use their imagination and know-how to optimize the storage space in this historic site. Based on their analysis, they assessed that it would be better to replace the existing wood shelves for more robust and safer industrial shelving. The existing manager decided that it was time to replace the outdated and poorly adapted storage that resulted in a loss of space and time, poor organization for product storage, and ground objects that were detrimental to circulation and safety. In addition, storage equipment wasn’t adjustable according to the product stored and their needs.



Since the building is more than 50 years old, the renovations made to the Pavilion of Tunisia had to meet the standards of a heritage building. Moreover, as a building dating from a number of years, it was built with materials that are now considered risky as asbestos. This is why the shelving had to be self-supporting.


The Goal

The primary objective of the modifications was, of course, to make a better use of the available space through personalized storage for all different types of products stored in the pavilion. Subsequently, MSK Canada was able to increase the storage capacity of the pavilion so that every item had its place on the shelves and nothing was left on the ground, using precious floor space. Finally, changing the shelf type now reduces the risk of equipment failure and increases the product capacity for each shelf.


The Solution

The optimal solution was to use four different types of storage. The project incorporate the traditional Metalware metal shelving, the Widespan shelving from the same manufacturer, cantilever racking to prevent damage to long items such as flags and poles and traditional racking. The project was turnkey, so the evaluation, the proposal, the materials, the transportation, and the workforce were offered by the experts from MSK Canada. A specific section has been set up for all equipment related to events including speakers, tripods and wiring.


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