140 feet of high-end Metalia workstations installed in an impressive new service department.


Well-known power sports dealer from Terrebonne Moto Illimitées consolidates its leadership status in Eastern Canada. 5-star Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris KTM and Indian distributor, Moto Illimitées is putting the finishing touches on the expansion of their largest branch and the transfer of their inventory in their huge 100 000 ft² new building.


Breath-taking workstations

For gearheads, nirvana can be found behind the service department doors, where the 14 technicians now work in a state of the art, ergonomic and clean environment thanks to Metalia workstations.

A 10-foot section is assigned to each technician, with stainless steel work surface, a 30'' cabinet and a 60'' toolbox with a 440 capacity per drawer. Metalia workstations are equipped with partitions and dividers in all drawers, allowing each technician to organize its tools to his needs. An LED lighting system in each drawer help find the right tool faster, helping the workflow stay fast and smooth.

The inefficient space occupied by the numerous toolboxes on the floor is now minimized with the fixed workstation is each bay.


A colossal warehouse

Behind the fast automatic door of the service department lies an enormous 100 000 ft² warehouse where Moto Illimitées stores new units, customers bike in storage, a new bike assembly area as well as the detailing station. The three stories racking units are as impressive as the bikes they store.


8 years in the making

The extension of their Terrebonne branch has been a huge project, from municipal permits to the actual construction planning. Major work that will allow the dealer, in business for 22 years, to offer a high-performance service, just like the machine they sell.


A big thanks to Motos Illimitées for this incredible visit of your warehouse