Ten Years Later: Retrospective Of a Successful Project!

In a warehouse development project, storage equipment is only the first step. The real success of the process can be seen during the active life of the warehouse, as the shelves are filled and the company and its employees maximize their capacity. In this regard, this project, completed several years ago, pays tribute to the avant-garde vision of the initial design. The client, a national distributor of heavy truck parts, was banking on the importance of warehouse efficiency. Here's a look back at this successful project, which dates back nearly a decade.

Thought For The Growth Of The Company

The storage system proposed to the client includes a mezzanine with shelves that serve both as a structure and for storage. This concept reinvents the use of space while increasing the storage capacity of the parts. This mezzanine also allows less popular parts to be stored on the second level, leaving the first shelf for more frequently used items, an aspect that increases employee efficiency. Adjustable without hardware, these shelves offer great flexibility in moving and modifying them as the business evolves. In addition, high-capacity drawers with adjustable compartments can be added to this structure to meet growing storage needs.


Maximize Square Footage

When renting a building, every business aims to optimize the use of space to increase its profitability. A good planning of the warehouse design, using the right equipment, leads to maximizing square feet and height space. In the case of our client, our mezzanine system on shelving complied with this requirement, since this layout requires less space while justifying the use of each cubic foot. In fact, maximizing storage space allows the company to rent smaller locations or operate in an urban area where space is scarce, and allows for inventory expansion without increasing the rental space.



Still Strong After All These Years

If the installed system persists after all this time, it is largely due to the choice of equipment. In this regard, MSK Canada is proud to distribute the products of the Quebec manufacturer Metalware. Our customer's metal shelving, made of top quality material, has a capacity of 800 lbs. each. Over the years, the shelves remain intact thanks to their 'Box Beam' design. In addition, each post of the structure is welded to the side panel for the ultimate in rigidity, a Metalware feature. The result? The storage system proposed by MSK Canada, always up-to-date in design, remains as solid as it was on the first day, in addition to meeting the customer's growth needs.