mercedes-benz south shore

Metalia Workbenches at the Mercedes-Benz South Shore Bodyshop


The body shop of the Mercedes-Benz South Shore dealership just got four 180” long Metalia workbenches for the service bays of their workshop. According to the manager of the body shop, these heavy-duty workbenches will serve three main duties:

1- Offer efficient and durable storage space for the tools and unique material for their team of technicians

2- Insure a high-level and professional look to the body shop, which must feel as prestigious as the brand it represents. The management decided to show a high level of transparency by installing windows all across the shop. Thus, storage is even more important.

3- Maximize the organization and efficiency of the technician by having a specific place to store each of their tool, reducing time lost between job and at the end of the day.


The unique needs of aluminum

The body shop also bought a workbench for its aluminum workshop, where the unique tools used exclusively on this delicate material are used and stored with care, in an effort to meet the German manufacturer’s request.