Kia Laurier-Station : Objective satisfaction

Kia Laurier-Station : Objective satisfaction


The all-new KIA dealership at Laurier-Station installed Metalia© workbenches to attract and retain its technicians.

While the majority of employers only offer salaries and social benefits, the most forward-thinking talent searchers go even further and invest in improving the work environment of their team members. This is the case for KIA Laurier-Station, which invests in its service workshop to the delight of its current and future employees!


Starting From Scratch

'This new dealership is a challenge because we have to build our customer base from scratch' says Philippe Lamarre, director of fixed operations for the Le Prix du Gros group. The same goes for the 5 service technicians and the 2 detailing technicians who work in the service department. Attraction and recruitment are ongoing tasks because good mechanics are sought after everywhere. That's why Metalia© workbenches were planned from the beginning to equip the dealership’s 10 service bays.


70% More Storage Space

'Despite being a profit-generating department, the parts department is often forgotten in the dealership’s design' says Philippe Lamarre. Occupying 'the remaining space' between the showroom and the workshop, the parts department is often too small or ill-disposed. That's why compact storage solutions and expert advice in car dealership layout are required.

For KIA Laurier-Station, MSK Canada’s experts recommended the installation of Metalware shelves with Metalia© high-capacity drawers. A total of 6 bays of drawers have been installed, storing up to 70% more parts than is normally possible without drawers. Since the drawers store the 'fast moving parts', they are positioned within 20 feet of the parts’ counter to avoid unnecessary movement to employees.

Conversely, the 'slow-moving stock' as the parts under warranty, accessories mats, foot boards, exhaust components and body parts are stored on the second floor, in long-range Metalware WideSpan shelves, selected for their robustness and flexibility.

Thanks to a flawless service workshop and a high-performance parts department, KIA Laurier-Station is bound to be an inevitable success. Another great achievement of the group Le Prix du gros.

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