A first-class lab at Infasco

MSK Canada equips the Canadian hardware manufacturer with Metalia storage systems


Canadian hardware giant for close to 60 years, Infasco is manufacturing nuts and bolts in its huge 800 000 sq² plant in the outskirt of Montreal. Thanks to a complete vertical integration, the Infasco group transform the raw material, manufacture and store its products into their huge warehouse. Needless to say, the organization, efficiency and robustness of its workplace is a priority at Infasco.


A Unique and Heavy-duty Lab


Because their products are used in steel structures all over the world, quality control is crucial for Infasco. This is why the integrator MSK Canada recommended the installation of 11 Metalia storage cabinets as base units for the brand new laboratory. Featuring double-walled door 1¼” think, a 4 positions adjustable shelf, the Metalia medium storage cabinet is designed for heavy-duty industrial use. Its one piece cast aluminum with digital lock allow precise access control over each storage cabinet independently. Finally, to meet the unique needs of its customer, MSK Canada installed a phenolic countertop on top of the Metalia cabinets, a unique material that resistant to acid, abrasion and high temperature.


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