40 % space savings with mobile shelving

This company transforms their parts department to maximize storage space. 

For this international company specialized in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors, the extension of the factory in Bromont was inevitable. Due to these improvements, the company had to review the warehouse for the raw materials and other essential materials to the production. With support of the technical consultant of MSK Canada, they now have a storage area worth mentioning.


Maximize storage space in restricted area

As many businesses, the company wanted to limit storage space to maximize production area. The specialist at MSK Canada had an idea which specifically filled the need of the company. These demands were to separate productions materials in two different locations because of specific standards for raw materials Due to their sensitive nature, their raw material needs special treatment like controlled temperature and ventilation to avoid damage from dust.


Two types of shelving for specific needs

Due to the specificity and importance of the raw material, it was necessary to separate the components with two separate storage spaces.

Some material did not require special storage. Therefore, it was placed in metal shelving systems from Metalware and on mobile shelves to maximize space and improve the number of products in the area.

Then, for the technical material, the company decided to opt another type of mobile shelves, with units from Metro Shelving, chosen because the shelves are made of wire mesh to prevent accumulation of dust that may cause a potential damage to the equipment. In addition, the storage area is also equipped with controlled ventilation and temperature to maintain the quality of raw materials.


40 % space savings

Since the building houses both the factory and storage area, it was important to focus on the maximization of storage space to have more area dedicate on production. This is why mobile shelves were the best choice: by eliminating circulation alley normally required by regular shelves, the company now has 40 % more storage space thanks to mobile shelves compared to traditional fixed system. Are you facing a similar problem ? Contact us today!