Beyond the norms: Exceptional roof fall protection for this multinational company

The company has made many acquisitions in the last few years and they are now present in 30 countries around the world. Westrock is now among the giant of the printing industry. Following these acquisitions, the company decided to standardize their safety standards. They opt with the strictest standard and apply it on every building around the world. Following a complete prevention plan, the company works to eliminate the potential fall hazards in every risk area.

Prevent Falls From the Source

The building standards specify that any building of more than 10’ high must have a fall protection plan for employees or subcontractors who have to work within 2 metres from the roof edge. Having ladders with roof access, air conditioning units within 6’6’’ of the edge and narrow transition from a roof to another, the employees who have to work on the roof are at risk of fall hazards.


A Solution for Every Problem


The Delta Prevention fall protection guardrail was implemented to eliminate fall hazards. Westrock chose this type of protection because it does not require roof perforation or post-installation engineering. The maintenance manager used many products to rectify every situation at risk as the VSS Safetyline. A permanent warning line defines a visual perimeter along work zones that are outside of the 2m zone. Employees will have clear indication that they can’t go further, improving safety at a fraction of the cost. Plus, ladder fall protection improve the safety around these access points frequently used by employees or subcontractors. The guardrail accommodate every ladders and offer a large range of options.

Finally, the VSS Compact non-penetrating guardrail was used for two different purpose: as a transition between two roofs and to protect HVAC unit during maintenance. However, the final purpose was the same: permanently eliminate the fall hazards from the roof, thanks to configurations customized for every specific environment.


A Remarkable Result !

Having higher standing than average, the multinational company specialized in printing has seen their facility become safer than it used to be without affecting the productivity of their employees or damage the membrane on the roof. The managers can now have a complete peace of mind due to high quality and durable products.

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