Bumper to Bumper Superstore: a 40,000 Square Foot Monster Warehouse

Initial Situation

Bumper to Bumper is a Canadian distributor of automotive parts. The network has more than 160 branches across Canada to serve its customers as quickly as possible. The company states that speed of delivery is one of its main strengths. Through this powerful national distribution network, automotive parts can be delivered in 60 minutes or less directly to the automotive service expert, parts finder or retail customer.

The Problem

The main parts warehouse for Bumper to Bumper stores in the greater metropolitan area is located in Boucherville. However, major repairs to the main road linking the east end of the Island of Montréal and the South Shore are planned very soon. This work, which will take at least four years, will prevent the company from achieving its delivery time target and supplying its customers on a daily basis. The only way for the national distributor not to be affected by the road network work is to move into a new location on the island of Montreal. This new place must be well organized. Industrial development specialists will have to create a space that will limit the loss of time and productivity.

Solve the Problem

The New Warehouse

To meet its needs, Bumper to Bumper has created a new store concept, the Superstore. First, the company decided to lease a new warehouse space strategically located in Montreal's east end in order to facilitate distribution in this territory. This warehouse will be used to supply other Bumper to Bumper stores in the metropolitan area. The goal of the new Superstore concept is to maximize the storage space for parts in order to create a huge distribution centre.

A Cheaper Solution Than a Mezzanine

The Bumper to Bumper team called on the industrial development specialist MSK Canada to organize its new warehouse. MSK Canada's team of industrial development specialists proposed to maximize the warehouse's height space using industrial shelves. These industrial shelves will be more economical and will increase productivity by avoiding the need for a mezzanine. Indeed, the acquisition of a mezzanine requires more expenses since the company must have a permit from City Hall and comply with municipal standards. In addition, the complexity of adding a new floor requires more resources

than industrial shelves and employees' time is wasted when they go up and down stairs to find products.

For this industrial development, MSK Canada's team of specialists proposed the installation of Metalware metal shelves since they are the strongest in North America. Then, long span WideSpan shelves with a total height of 19 feet were installed to organize the storage of larger items. In order to reach the parts stored high up, the Superstore acquired a task support electric vehicle. Finally, pallet racking is part of the new storage system to maximize height space. In total, 40,000 square feet of storage space was organized and maximized by MSK Canada.

Final Situation

The development of this Superstore allows Bumper to Bumper to be ready for any work on the road and the optimization of the warehouse allows the company to keep its promise of speed. It will be able to serve its customers without worrying about a slower delivery time. On the other hand, the company is very satisfied with MSK Canada's sales service. Indeed, the quick reaction time to provide solutions

to the project's pitfalls was greatly appreciated by the distributor and convinced him of the professionalism and efficiency of the industrial development specialist!


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