Areo-Fire Shatters North Americans Standards

Canada’s #1 Rosenbauer complete their new breathtaking inspection bay

In every municipality, the fire truck is the showpiece of the fleet of vehicles, a trophy presented with pride to the citizen as a proof of efficiency and performance in case of emergency. Since 1963 Areo-Fire share this burning passion for firefighting vehicles. As proof, the Canadian Rosenbauer dealer, located in St-Hubert, just installed a state of the art inspection bay to offer a service the matches the vocation of its trucks.

A Unique Moment

The pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) is a crucial event in the acquisition process of a fire truck. Mayor, General Directors and elected officials insist on attending the delivery of their new Rosenbauer. This unique event took place outside or inside the workshop, according to temperature. So it’s amongst mechanics, under the assault of welding sparks and compressors noise that the plans and schematics were explained to the new owners of the fire truck. Unfavourable conditions, far below the high-end reputation of the Austrian brand.

Tuxedo Required

A bold idea that was never seen before. Taking inspiration from today’s best car dealerships and install an impressive delivery bay, called the Customer Bay. Areo-Fire had two main goals with this investment:

Welcome their customers and guests in a professional and clean location that meets the brand reputation

Make the customer feel like they are taking their trucks directly at the manufacturer.

MSK Canada, experts in industrial space optimization, was contracted to install storage cabinets from Canadian manufacturer Metalia, well known for their heavy-duty workstations, tool boxes and garage cabinets. The storage cabinets, complete with adjustable storage shelves, offer an impressive load capacity and are used as a locker for the visitors. A Metalia professional tool box with drawer slides rated at 440 lb is incorporated in the workstation. Magnetic white board with LED lighting are installed to display the plan and schematic used during the inspections.

The impact was immediate. The mood in the delivery bay is more relaxed and the Customer Bay has become the premier location where customers want to leave their truck when they bring it in for routine maintenance. A fridge and a sink installed over the storage cabinets keep the visitors from creating unsafe distraction in the workshop and offices. According to Areo-Fire, customer retention and satisfaction will see a huge increase.

Unexpected benefits

Dedicated 90% to fire truck delivery and inspection, the Customer Bay also became the perfect demonstration centre for the other products distributed by Areo-Fire, like rescue pliers.

Prestigious Praise

The success of this project was demonstrated during the last visit of Rosenbauer at Areo-Feu. The Austrian manufacturer was blown away to see the quality of the facility, stating that Areo-Feu were the only dealer equipped like this in North America. A position the Quebec business can be proud of.

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