An impressive maintenance department for this labeling giant

A Metalia workstation transforms the operations and the organization of this packaging leader.

With more than 20 000 employees on 6 continents, this customer is an international giant in the specialty packaging industry. To meet the high standards of their healthcare and pharmaceutical customers, everyday operations must be clean and well organized.


The Goal: Combining Two Workshops

When he merged the building and equipment maintenance departments, the maintenance manager needed to organize the workspace in order to maximize the productivity of the 4 employees sharing this space. Previously equipped only with standard work tables, the storage of tools, manuals and employees personal items needed to be improved.


The Perfect Solution

Operating on three work shifts, the new maintenance department needed to be organized and robust. This is why the maintenance director choose a Metalia workstation with the help of the industrial distributor MSK Canada.

The 20’ long workbench was designed to meet each of their requirements:

2 spaces for office work, one seated and one standing in front of the computer;

Storage of shared tools in the toolboxes with 440 lb capacity per drawer;

Individual lockers with digital lock for the personal items of every employees;

Tall storage units with shelves for maintenance manuals;

Concealed storage locker for 2 tool trays.

Immediate results

What’s more noticeable at first is the considerable increase in usable space, both on the counter and in the Metalia storage drawers. The standing work centre offers an ergonomic position to work at the computer while the large storage lockers keep the maintenance manuals away from dust. The overall clean appearance also makes the working environment more enjoyable, promoting pride and sense of belonging.