Add an efficient organization to a neat appearance!

Add an efficient organization to a neat appearance!

Initial Situation 

The owner of a workshop wanted to make his body shop more functional, since he had no storage system in place. It was important for him to invest in the efficiency of his workshop so that it could become hyper-efficient. In order to develop an efficient work organization, the owner called upon MSK Canada, a Quebec specialist in mechanical workshop layout.


The Problem 

The MSK Canada team needed to maximize the workshop's storage space to optimize the productivity and the safety of its workshop employees. First of all, the tools were in a mess all over the workshop. In addition to wasting an enormous amount of time looking for tools, the workshop was not safe for the employees. Also, the perception of customers and the cleanliness of the workshop became important issues for the owner. 

The Solution

Metalia workstations will be installed in the workshop to solve the problem of storage and cleanliness. Metalia workstations are specifically designed according to the user's needs in order to offer optimal organization and use of space. Heavy-duty toolboxes offer a capacity of 440 lbs. per drawer as well as separators and dividers that maximize storage. In addition to maximizing space, Metalia workstations offer a neat and professional look with Sandtex-type paint, a stainless steel countertop, and a back panel that proudly displays the body shop logo.


The Final Situation

This workshop now has its own efficient storage system. Tools, both manual and pneumatic, hardware and all other useful tools for employees are now organized in the workstation in order to reduce the time spent looking for tools and increase the professionalism of the workshop.


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