A Tire Carousel Makes the Transition From Season To Season Easier at Audi West-Island

Many car owners contact their dealers to have their tires changed when winter or summer approaches. Audi West-Island has equipped itself with a tire carousel in order to adequately respond to the high traffic of the changing seasons.

Initial Situation

Changing tires is a very busy time for an auto mechanic shop. For this reason, it is necessary to find an efficient system to store customers' tires. First, unused customer tires must be stored. When the rotation of the tires approaches, the tires must be removed from the warehouse on the same day of the appointment, transported to the garage and stored until the customer's appointment. Once the tires are installed, storage starts again with the other set of tires. Following this methodology, the Audi West-Island dealer used an exterior and an interior racking system to store tires that had to be installed during the day and those that were removed from the vehicle. Subsequently, a shuttle truck transported the tires to the warehouse.

The Problem

The rapid growth in Audi West-Island's customer base made this system inefficient, increasing the number of shuttle trips. An employee was mobilized to only transport the tires, not to mention the saturation of the shelving system. Costs were increasing and so was the time required to install tires per car.

The Solution

It was by navigating through the various tabs of the MSK Canada website that the owner of Audi West-Island found the solution to his situation, which was becoming more and more problematic. After reading the articles in the blog of the Quebec leader in space optimization in the automotive industry, the dealer made a call, followed by a visit to his machine shop. During this meeting, the specialist concluded that a tire carousel was the best solution to solve the dealer's problem.

Final Situation

Now the dealer no longer needs shelving, which was once overused. The only tire carousel installed (14'9'' length x 14'2''height x 7'9'' depth) stores up to 119 tires, more than enough capacity to store a full day of tire installation. This solution optimizes storage space since a regular racking system requires twice as much floor space to store the equivalent in tires. The shuttle between the dealer and the tire warehouse now makes only one trip, either at the end or at the beginning of the day, saving time and money.

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