A roof survey that inspires trust for UQTR.

This successful project by MSK Canada leads to a second phase.

Initial situation

The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières has fifteen buildings on campus, without counting student residences. To protect workers on the roof, the university launched a bid for tender to achieve its project. The mandate is to protect 10 sections of guardrails of 20 linear feet on 4 different buildings. Most of the sections included HVAC roof units to be protected and some areas identified for drop zones for material during renovation. Finally, the university chose MSK Canada to realize the project.


Because the project was originally planned by the customer,  the work could start quicker. However, the work team encountered some logistical issues. Indeed, as the parking was under construction and the university pavilions very busy, the crane's maneuvers proved to be more difficult than expected.

The touch of MSK Canada!

To offer the best post-sales service, the team of specialists in fall protection offered to do a risk assessment survey to the customer. During the visits, a MSK Canada specialist visited the rooftops of the buildings on the UQTR campus and identified areas with falls from a height risks. Subsequently, each hazardous location of every building on the university campus was documented in an evaluation report.


Final Situation

Very satisfied with the evaluation report, the project manager decided to use it to its full potential. After the small intervention realized by MSK Canada, the team in charge of health and safety at l’UQTR divided the different recommendations of the evaluation report into several phases. Moreover, the first phase of this new project is mainly to protect building access ladders. MSK Canada is proud to gain the trust of this academic institution for a second time. This second project will take place in April 2019.

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