a new jib crane leads to savings for this machining workshop

To support the growth of their business, GM Précision installed a new workshop where the transformation of metal and aluminum extrusions for their different customer will be performed. In this new external location, each square foot had to be maximized to make the operations as cost-efficient as possible. Here is how a jib crane and a mezzanine changed their operations.


Safe and Efficient Handling


The needs of GM Précision were simple: organize a workspace where every lift could be performed efficiently and without risking injuries to the workers. The main operation consists of taking the extrusion from the cantilever rack to the saw located under the freestanding mezzanine.

The solution: a 500 kg jib crane strategically positioned between the cantilever and the saw. A stopper restricts the range of motion of the crane to 90 degrees avoiding contact with the mezzanine. An electrical hoist allows the worker to raise and lower the load and modifies the reach of the jib crane.

The gains are substantial. The new jib crane eliminates the second worker needed to move the extrusion manually, leading to cost saving of 75%. Every lift is now done efficiently and in a safe manner.


A New Level of Productivity


At the end of the workshop, MSK Canada installed an 18′ x 20′ freestanding mezzanine. Used as additional storage space, it also hosts the shipping/receiving area thanks for the pallet drop zone protected by a gate. This new freestanding mezzanine adds almost 30% of floor space to the workshop while maintaining full access to the first floor.


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