A high profit Mezzanine !

District 1 Laser Tag Recreation Center expands its gaming experience ... and its profits!


The entertainment industry is highly competitive. Many players share the same customer base, pushing the managers of these centers to constantly innovate. This is the case of District 1 LaserTag in Saint-Bruno which, in addition to offering augmented reality games unique in Canada, is investing to improve the experience of their laser tag.


Goal 1 : Customer retention

To remain attractive to its customers and stimulate new visits, District 1 had to add something new to their arena.

The installation of a freestanding mezzanine creates a second floor that allows a multitude of new strategies. The experience on the first floor is now more intense thanks to the metal ceiling created by the corrugated steel floor of the mezzanine.


The addition of a second floor also allows the LaserTag to configure two separate arenas in order to receive independent groups simultaneously, a common request for children's parties or corporate groups.



Goal 2: Increase the available playing area

The original 4800 sq. ft. arena was already very competitive, but the addition of the 1200 sq. ft. mezzanine makes District 1 one of the most attractive centers around Montreal. For the owners, the extra space will increase the maximum player capacity from 120/hour to 144/hour, an increase of 20 % ! At 10 $/game, this represents an additional 240 $/hour of operation !


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