5 Advantages of High-Density Industrial Mobile Shelving

In terms of warehouse and storage, we constantly strive to optimize space to store as many goods as possible, under the best conditions, and with a minimum of constraints. Meeting these criteria, industrial mobile shelving is a solution to consider. It consists of adjustable shelves mounted on a carriage or rail system so you can move and set them against one another to save space. Here are five advantages of mobile shelving for your warehouse.


1. Save Space

First, high-density mobile shelving allows for compact storage by reducing the necessary amount of space. In this way, you optimize volume, gain a lot of space, and can install more shelves. Additionally, because the shelves are mobile, you can more easily arrange them. By moving them according to your needs, you eliminate fixed aisles and double your warehouse capacity!


2. Profit Optimization

Second, high-density mobile shelving is more cost-effective than traditional fixed shelves. In fact, it provides more storage for a similar amount of place (it requires 40 percent less space overall). Indeed, for the same amount of floor space, you can store a larger volume of goods. As a result, mobile shelving allows you to store more goods at the same cost. This means you have two options: either you increase your inventory and profit, or you allocate less storage space to benefit from better square feet usage.


3. More Productive Staff

The third advantage of mobile shelving is staff productivity. Thanks to this storage system, handlers travel less distance in the buildings. Therefore, they spend less “wasted” time getting around and can devote more time to other more important tasks. To access the desired shelf, employees simply operate a crank to move the shelves. In this way, staff no longer need to cross the entire warehouse to reach this or that row: the shelf comes to them!


4. Modular and Scalable Shelves

Moreover, as high-density mobile shelving is not fixed, it offers true flexibility. You can (re)adjust your shelves according to your needs. This storage solution is perfectly modular and customizable because it adapts to the characteristics of the goods (size, weight, fragility, etc.). Additionally, when you need to grow, your storage space is scalable to best suit your circumstances. For effective optimization, consider planning your expansion in the medium and long term!


5. More Secure Storage

Finally, mobile shelving makes storage much more secure. Only authorized employees can move the shelves to access their contents. The rows are sufficiently protected from potential theft. Electronic versions of high-density mobile shelving take care of moving heavy goods themselves. This reduces the risk of accidents and potential damage to goods as their handling is partially automated. This allows for safer handling for the staff and of the goods.


In sum, high-density mobile shelving has many advantages. By optimizing your storage space, this modular and ergonomic system maximizes your space, increases productivity, and improves the performance of your warehouse.





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